Wilderness Trail High Wheat Bourbon – All The Single Barrels

Wilderness Trail High Wheat Bourbon – “All The Single Barrels”

Excited to review for you the first ever COWS All Ladies barrel pick. 6 women went down to Wilderness Trail distillery back in July to pick from 6 different barrels that Wilderness Trail put out. Let’s see what happens when you put 6 women together, 6 barrel samples and a distillery cat named Cooper.
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NAME – Wilderness Trail High Wheat Bourbon – “All The Single Barrels”

PROOF – 111 (as tasted)

AGE – Will have age statement but don’t have exact yet – was barreled 1/6/2017 and believed to be bottled in October or November

COLOR –late October sunset (1.4 tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)

NOSE – Caramel with sweet cherry up front. You will also start to get a fresh baked pie crust, leather, and a toasted oak.

TASTE – Your nose doesn’t lie to you. It is a cherry pie with cherry pie filling and that crust note. It also has an almond note in it. Still some leather and aged oak.

FINISH – I would call this a long finish. It seems I have become famous for using the term “viscus.” This selection is certainly viscus. Very oily and a finish that goes for a long time. The caramel sweetness along with leather, tobacco and oak go until the end.

REVIEW – The women absolutely crushed it with this pick. One of them suggested calling it “Sweet Cherry Pie” because that really is what it tastes like. It also has a great mouth feel and that really long finish. For $56 for a barrel proof barrel pick that taste like this is an absolute steal.

FINAL COMMENTS – I appreciate the women that went on the pick and how serious they took the experience and the selection. If there are any thoughts that women aren’t as good at tasting whiskey as men, one taste of this selection will put that all to bed. This will certainly be up for COWS Barrel Pick of the Year and many of you know how good our picks have been this year.

To find out more check it out here – Wilderness Trail Distillery

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