Whiskey War Double Oaked Batch 3 Review



I love it when I start seeing double…double oaked that is. Ever sense Woodford popularized the concept of double oaking whiskey, it has been done by many. High Bank’s master distiller Adam Hines also is a big fan of the process and the results that come from it. Hines has now come out with his 3rd batch of Whiskey War Double Oaked and I am fortunate enough to get to review it before it goes on sale this coming Friday. Let’s see if Batch 3 is like one of the first 2 (which were very different) or will it have its own profile.


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NAME – Whiskey War Double Oaked Batch 3


PROOF – 100


AGE – non-age stated but I do know that it spent 18 months in the 2nd barrel, and this is still from the early batches of Whiskey War that were aged at 2 ½ year or so. So, this is about 4 years old.


COLOR – new tanned leather (1.5 auburn, polished mahogany on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Honey, vanilla, anise, canned pears, sweet oak, and ginger


TASTE – Caramel, browned butter, rye spice, charred oak, white pepper, and some slight ginger


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. The charred oak, white pepper and ginger stick around along with some tobacco comes out in the end.


REVIEW – I am fortunate enough to still have Batch 1 and Batch 2 of Whiskey War Double Oaked and to best describe this in a nutshell is this Batch 3 is like the first 2 batches had a baby. There is the caramel and butter notes from Batch 1 and the spicey rye and peppery notes from Batch 2. This is interesting and not overly sweet as some double oaks can get. The only thing missing in the palate that was in the nose was fruit notes. The canned pears on the nose didn’t come out in the palate.


FINAL COMMENTS – First, I want to thank High Bank for allowing me to sample this before the release. This is another very good double oak by High Bank. It is sure to be a very quick seller when it is released this Friday. You can tell when someone has a passion for something and double oaked whiskey is that for Hines. It is why it is some of his very best releases and highly sought after. I would set an alarm for Friday or you will most likely be out of luck.

You can purchase Whiskey War Double Oaked Batch 3 on Friday, February 25th at 11AM ET at There will be a limit of 1 bottle per customer in an attempt to allow as many people as possible to get a bottle.

To find out more check it out here – High Bank Distillery

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