Watershed Bourbon Wine Barrel Pinot Noir Cask Finished Review

Sunday Evening Review


This week’s review is for a limited release from Watershed Distillery that will be available at their upcoming 1st Annual Booty Hunt on October 29th. This Watershed Bourbon finished in Pinot Noir barrels. So without further ado I will stick out my pinkie and get to sipping.


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NAME – Watershed Bourbon Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Finished Whiskey


PROOF – 94


AGE – No age statement did get from the distillery that it is at least 6 years old, 3 years in its home barrel and at least 3 years in the Pinot Noir cask


COLOR – rose gold (1.7 burnt amber on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Canned plums syrup, cocoa powder, vanilla ice cream, sweet oak, aged leather


TASTE – Raisins, aged oak, leather, tobacco leaf, and baking spices


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. This is where you taste the Pinot Noir influence with a dry dark red wine note. The length of this finish at 94 proof is pretty impressive.


REVIEW – To be honest thought that due to the 3 years in a Pinot Noir Cask it would taste like a high proofed wine. It does not at all and shocked by just the slight wine notes that come in for me in the finish. This is a very enjoyable pour but to distinguish individual tasting notes was very difficult. It seems to have several notes melding together to create its own experience.


FINAL COMMENTS – This bottle was given to me to review by Watershed Distillery. Also as mentioned before, Watershed is having an event on October 29th from 8am to 2pm called the Booty Hunt. There will be a raffle for empty bourbon barrels, rare bourbon bottles and also some local vendors. Here is what they said about the event:


Join the hunt for unique products, limited releases, and other one-of-a-kind Watershed rarities available one day only while supplies last. See you tharr!


Here is the link for more information – Watershed Booty Hunt | Watershed (