Sagamore Double Oak Rye Review



During my time doing these reviews, I have reviewed many double oaked whiskies but I have never reviewed a double oaked rye. That changes today as I review the Sagamore Double Oak Rye. Let’s see what the second barrel does to this rye.


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NAME – Sagamore Spirit Rye Straight Whiskey Double Oak


PROOF – 96.6


AGE – No Age Statement (back of bottle states initial age of whiskey is 4 years before going in second barrel. On the website says that it stays in the second barrel for 18 months. So at least 5 ½ years old)


COLOR – Dirty copper (1.6 mahogany, henna notes on the Whiskey Magazine Chart)


NOSE – Herbal mint, black tea, strawberry taffy, vanilla wafer, Heath candy bar and oak


TASTE – Toffee, vanilla, herbal mint, black tea, hint of orange, milk chocolate, some baking spices and some sweet oak


FINISH – I would call this medium finish. The herbal mint, black tea, some of the orange and a little bit of the milk chocolate lasted until the end.


REVIEW – This is a rye drinkers rye. It has all the aspects of what people that drink ryes want. The double oak process I believe added some vanilla and toffee notes that help this rye from just drinking an herbal mint tea. It rounded out the whiskey and gave it far more interest and drinkability at the same time.


FINAL COMMENTS – I really wonder why there isn’t more double oaked ryes. I think the additional barrel can add depth as well as additional sweetness that can help round out some of the sharpness commonly found in a straight rye.


On another note, I just think these angular bottles with the copper and slate grey label are just stunning. It is simple and elegant without trying too hard.  Also, each Sagamore product that  is proofed is proofed with pure, limestone-filtered water from their Spring House built in 1909. It’s why each bottle bears a special 1909 marker.

To find out more check it out here – Sagamore Double Oak Rye

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