Pinhook Bourbon Vertical Series 6 Year Review


What does time taste like? It is part of why many like whiskey and swear by different ages of different types of whiskey that makes it the perfect aging to make the perfect whiskey. There is one whiskey brand that is going to let you taste time. Pinhook has a vertical series where they will release the same distillate where it started at 4 years and will go to 12 years. Today I will review and taste the third release and aged at 6 years. Let’s see if time has been kind so far.


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NAME – Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey Vertical Series


PROOF – 107


AGE – 6 years


COLOR – browned butter (1.3 russet muscat on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Butterscotch, vanilla bean, strawberry taffy, cinnamon graham crackers


TASTE – Vanilla ice cream and heavy rye spice is up front when you first sip. Caramel ice cream topping, cinnamon and some sweet oak


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. The rye spice lingers until the end, but you also get the oak and a bit of sweet leather


REVIEW – One of the things that pops out at you for a 6 year bourbon at 107 proof is how oily of a mouth feel that this has. It really coats the palate nice. This is interesting in the fact that some aspects of this pour would make you to believe that it is more mature than 6 years and other things that it is younger. The vanilla ice cream and the syrupy caramel makes you think older but the sharp rye notes make you think that it isn’t as old. I am really excited though as this vertical series continues and to one day sit down with all of them, taste time and the journey it takes.


FINAL COMMENTS – I can’t tell you enough how cool I think this idea of a vertical series is. What Pinhook has done is grabbed 1,350 MGP bourbon barrels and will release 150 barrels every year until it reaches 12 years. What they are also doing is upping the proof each year. The 4 year was 98 proof, 5 year 104 proof and then this 6 year at 107.


I think this is something that I am a bit surprised one of the big distilleries hasn’t already done. I could easily see Heaven Hill doing this with Elijah Craig or the Evan Williams brand. People, including Fred Minnick, have been clambering for Maker’s Mark to release higher aged whiskey. Getting more local, I would absolutely love to see Middle West do a vertical series.


Who would you like to see do a vertical series like this? Comment below and let me know.


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