Middle West Double Cask Sherry Cask-Finished Review

Sunday Evening Review


Now that the gifts have all been given, the cookies and chocolates have been eaten and your credit card bills are on their way, its time to take a moment and enjoy this late year release by central Ohio’s Middle West Spirits. They released the Double Cask Collection featuring three different styled spirits that came in both a lower proof and cask strength. It includes the Sherry Cask-Finished Bourbon, Oloroso Wheat Whiskey and Ported Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey. Tonight, I will be reviewing the Sherry Cask-Finished Bourbon at cask strength. Hoping the final of the review of the year will finish it off right.


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NAME – Middle West Spirits Double Cask Collection Sherry Cask-Finished Bourbon


PROOF – 115.74


AGE – 6 years


COLOR –antique mahogany desk (1.8 Old Oak on the Whiskey Magazine Chart)


NOSE – Ripe plum, fig newton, chocolate covered almonds, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, aged oak and cigar tobacco.


TASTE – The fig, chocolate, vanilla and oak leap up at first sip. The more you sip the more the nutmeg and cinnamon play a part and at the very back the almond nuttiness shows itself. A very creamy texture that coats the mouth.


FINISH – I would call this a long finish. The almond note, cinnamon, nutmeg, aged oak and tobacco stay until the very end.


REVIEW – For $125 for the bottle and from an Ohio distillery you just wonder if it can justify the price. The packaging is absolute first rate and is an absolute beauty on the shelf. The juice inside also shows a masterful craftmanship as the time spent in the sherry barrel was just enough to add subtle notes but not overpower the bourbon that went in. It stills holds onto all the traditional aspects of a Middle West bourbon and the nutmeg note that usually can always be found in their spirits. Also, at that price point you want the full experience and that can’t be achieve if the mouth feel isn’t there. It doesn’t disappoint as this whiskey is very creamy and clings to all parts of your mouth. This hits all aspects you are looking for in a great bottle and more than justifies the $125 price tag.


FINAL COMMENTS – I knew that Middle West has been working on these for a while. They had showed me their tube packaging designs over a year ago now. The attention to detail in the packaging is really impressive and matches what they did with the juice.


Some other details: The Sherry Cask-Finished Bourbon is aged a minimum of six years, first on heavy-toasted American white oak barrels crafted in Ohio, before it matures in sun-blackened Spanish Solera Sherry casks.


To find out more about Middle West check it out here – Middle West Spirits

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