JAck Daniel 10 Year Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels 10 Year Tennessee Whiskey

In recognition of Jack Daniels being our guest distillery in January, I thought I would review a bottle that got some buzz a couple of months back and see if it was worth the noise. This week I will be reviewing Jack Daniels 10 Year Tennessee Whiskey. Let’s see if this bourbon that’s not a bourbon has what it takes.
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NAME – Jack Daniels’ 10 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey

PROOF – 97

AGE – 10 Years

COLOR – Smoked chicken (1.4 tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)

NOSE – Banana foster, charred oak, caramel, vanilla cream and a slight whiff of dried apricot

TASTE – The charred oak is present giving you a dry and tannin filled punch. The bananas are now overripened and cooked down for a deep sweetness. There is tobacco along with raisins, some dark chocolate, almond, leather and dark roasted coffee.

FINISH – I would call this a medium to long finish. The charred oak, tobacco, almond, leather and roasted coffee continue through until the end.

REVIEW – This is something different yet familiar. It has the banana note that Jack Daniel’s is famous for, but it certainly has more than the regular Jack and even the JD Single Barrel. Mainly I will compare to the Single Barrel who is very pleasant but more simple and much sweeter. This is darker and more complex. Regular Jack is aged 4-5 years and Single Barrel is around 5-7 years. The 10 years of aging is evident and the extra time in the barrel is well spent. This is something you can take time with, and it invites you to keep coming back. JD Single Barrel is more of a very pleasant crushable pour. I really like it and is perfect for a cold weather dram to take in and spend time with.

FINAL COMMENTS – This is the first 10-year age stated whiskey that Jack Daniel’s has produced in over 100 years. Also, the location of the barrels was important for them as they aged for the first 8 years on the top floors of their barrel houses and then moving them to the lower levels to finish up their 10 years. The MSRP for this bottle was $70 but the limited amount that was released has numbers into crazy categories. It is worth the $70 (would prefer it closer to $60) and I hope they have future plans to increase this production and making it more widely available.

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