Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Review

There is a Nevada distillery that is starting to make some real noise in the whiskey community. No, this time I’m not talking about Smoke Wagon. I’m talking about Frey Ranch that has come onto the seen with a interesting mash bill and a true attention to the craft of whiskey making. Let’s find out if the juice is worth the squeeze.


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NAME – Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch 4


PROOF – 90


AGE – non-age stated (thought to be 4 years)


COLOR – Caramelized peaches (1.4, tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Malted cereal with clover honey, fruit cocktail, vanilla bean, hay, butterscotch, and toasted oak


TASTE – Caramel comes at you at the beginning along with vanilla, cinnamon, and again the fruit cocktail but more cooked down to increase the flavor and sweetness. There is also some hay and leather woven in.


FINISH – I would call this a medium to long finish. For a 90 proofer this has some really decent length to the finish. The cinnamon stays along with some peppery notes, leather and cooked caramel.


REVIEW – What stuck out for me right away was the creamy mouth feel that you get from this especially for a 90 proof bourbon. This is a pretty well rounded bourbon but the surprising part is that there isn’t more cherry coming out for me. This has wheat in the mash bill and thought it would pop out more cherry. Not good or bad just a slight surprise. This does have that fruit cocktail note though along with spice and caramel sweetness. It’s a very nice pour that gives a very interesting and balanced experience. I do think at 6 to 8 years this bourbon could be out of this world.


FINAL COMMENTS – As many of you know there are whiskey brands, especially bourbon brands, popping up everywhere that are just trying to take advantage of the hype. Frey Ranch is one of the ones that seems to be doing it right. For one is that the farm raised grain for other distilleries for years and have taken the time to increase quality of the grains at the sacrifice of yield. They also malt their own barley on site for quality control. Also, they don’t follow the “traditional” recipe and throw it out there. 66.6% corn, 10% winter wheat, 11.4% winter rye and 12% two-row barley is the mash bill that is printed right on the bottle. That is anything but traditional.


I would also be remised if I didn’t mention the packaging. The bottle and the stopper are really nice. Heavy bottle, heavy topper and also this aged metal medallion that had to have been CNC machined out that is attached to the front of the bottle. Also, for the $50 price tag, I think this a really good price for the quality of the juice and the bottle.


By the way, they ship to Ohio and the shipping cost is more than reasonable.

To find out more check it out here – Frey Ranch

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