COWS Bulleit Barrel Pick “Fruity and the Yeast” Review

Sunday Evening Review


On this special Mother’s Day Edition of Sunday Evening Review I go over the latest barrel pick that the COWS are about to receive. The Bulleit Barrel Pick named “Fruity and the Yeast – A COWS Tale As Old As Time.” I will go over this latest pick to find out if it is a fairy tale bourbon or maybe it will just be a horror story.


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NAME – Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel “Fruity and the Yeast”


PROOF – 104


AGE – 7 years


COLOR – light maple syrup (1.4 tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Fruit cocktail with notes of pears, cherries, peach, ripe strawberry, and white grape. Also, amber honey, toasted oak, and Nilla wafers.


TASTE – The fruit bomb continues from the nose. A lot of red fruits of strawberry, cherries, and red raspberry. Also, a canned pear win syrup shows up with the red fruit. There is also a yeast roll with honey butter and a little cinnamon.


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. The cinnamon, toasted oak and the yeasty notes hang around until the end.


REVIEW – This is a very fruity whiskey and is uplifting and very easy to drink without be a 1 or 2 note wonder that you usually characterize with “easy to drink” bourbon. This has a lot of different fruits that burst at different times on the palate. Then the yeasty notes helps balance out the sweet fruit. If you are lucky enough to get this bottle my Memorial Day, my guess is most won’t make it to the 4th of July. An absolutely perfect summer bourbon to enjoy.


FINAL COMMENTS – This bourbon is using the “E” mash bill which is considered the low rye mash bill at 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% barley. This is versus the “B” mash bill which is 68% corn, 28% rye and 4% barley. With Bulleit just like with Four Roses there are 2 mash bills and 5 yeast strains. This pick uses the “3” yeast strain which is called appropriately their strawberry flavored yeast.


I will say for those that are consistent acquirers of COWS barrels picks this one is different from most of the barrels we have gotten that concentrates more on darker notes. This one is brighter and sweeter than most of the barrels we have done. Even the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked we did was sweet but still had a lot of darker notes. The timing of this coming out is unquestionably perfect as I predict many pours of this bourbon being enjoyed out on the deck this summer.


This pick will be made available for reservations this coming Saturday, May 14th, at 10 am.  The link will be posted on the Facebook group COWS page. As always, I don’t expect this to last very long so be ready right at 10am.

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