Knob Creek Rye Barrel Pick Review

NAME – Knob Creek Single Barrel Rye – “COWS Did It On The Creek, Too”

AGE – 9 Years
PROOF – 115
NOSE – Vanilla, sweet oak, rye spice, toasted brown sugar

TASTE – Your nose doesn’t lie to you on this one. Right up front you get a nice mix of vanilla and rye spice. As the vanilla and rye spice subside, hints of sweet oak and toasted brown sugar make their way in. Up to this point, you’d think you have a really solid traditional Rye. Just know, you better buckle in for the finish.

FINISH – I would call this a medium to long finish. The finish is what brings this rye full-circle. The vanilla, oak, and rye spice hang around to finish it off. But just when you think you’re ready for that tight Kentucky hug of a deep rye finish, a surprising sweet note comes in with hints of Granny Smith apple and dark Bing Cherry. Those notes hang around with the rye spice to give this juice a very well-rounded finish.

REVIEW – After much deliberation, we decided on the juice that will be coming to the COWS. I believe the exact words from the group were something like “This one isn’t like the rest. This one is special.” I think our pick team was right on it with this one. This is a rye that up until the finish is a great rye and then that well-balanced, sweet & spice finish bring this juice to another level.

FINAL COMMENTS – After a great experience (lunch, in-depth tour and even a pull of new malted Rye straight from the still at the Fred B. Noe Distillery) we decided on a name that is a nod to Beam Suntory (parent company of Jim Beam & Maker’s Mark) & our previous pick at Maker’s Mark. That’s where get “COWS Did It On The Creek, Too”. This was a great experience with a great pick team, I hope everyone is ready for a fantastic rye to make it to the COWS.

Thanks to the review from Alex Odenweller, our fabulous leader of the pick team for this great rye.