Hayner Bourbon Sunday Evening Review

Hayner Bourbon Review

Who doesn’t love a comeback story? We have one for you today as I review Hayner Bourbon from Troy, Ohio. A distillery being brought back after 100 years of being dormant due to prohibition. Let’s fine out if it was worth bringing back.


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NAME – Hayner Bourbon


PROOF – 90


AGE – non-age stated – but it is a blend of 13 year, 4 year and 3 year bourbon


COLOR – 14 karat gold (1.4, tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Cherry pie crust, amber honey, vanilla, toasted oak, very slight tobacco and also corn bread


TASTE – At first taste at the very front is caramelized sugar like the crust on a crème brûlée, Traverse City cherries, pie crust, slight pecan with touch of cinnamon and rye spice. There is a toasted oak that finishes it off.


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. A toasted oak stave with vanilla and caramel.


REVIEW – It’s always a crap shoot with brand new distilleries but this initial blended bourbon is really good. The blend is well done as you get notes from an older whiskey with the 13 year and then some of the youthful notes from the 3- and 4-year bourbons. For a 90 proofer it packs a lot of flavor, a very good nose and a decent finish.


FINAL COMMENTS – Want to thank Hayner Distilling for sending me this sample. Here is the story: 155 years ago Lewis Hayner opened a small distillery on the banks of the Miami River in Troy, Ohio. Hayner Distilling grew into one of the largest distilleries in Ohio and the largest mail order whiskey business in America. Known for their superior Bourbon and Ryes, Hayner was shipped directly to doorsteps all across America.  Like all distilleries Hayner Distilling closed in 1920 with prohibition. From a few surviving bottles we analyzed the original whiskey and working with Bardstown Bourbon Company created a blend complimentary to the original Hayner. (directly from website)


The first whiskey put out from its rebirth was June 4th of this year. They are brand new but seem to be doing a lot of things right. They are very transparent about their blend which is:


40% Kentucky 13 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 74% / Rye 18% / Malted Barley 8%


25% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 4  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 78%  / Rye 10% / Malted Barley 12%


20% MGPI 4 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 51% / Wheat 45% / Malted Barley 4%

15% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 3 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 60% / Rye 40%


Guessing there is an NDA on why they can say where the juice from the 13 year is from but if I was a betting man, I would say it is Heaven Hill. The transparency is absolutely great for those with a deep passion for bourbon that likes to see these things.


They also at the distillery location in Troy, Ohio will postmark the top of the bottle with a date that’s special to you such as the birth of a child, anniversary or any other date like when the next time either the Bengals or the Browns win a Super Bowl….Sorry, you have to win it once to have a next time. So, it would be when they win their first Super Bowl. Details, details.


Those that have signed up for the September meeting will get to taste this very bourbon then. I think you will like it.

To find out more check it out here – Hayner Bourbon

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