Five Brothers Bourbon by Todd Sarver

When I am in Bardstown, I will wander into Heaven Hill reminded of the halcyon days when I could walk up to the desk, ask for a Parker’s Heritage or Old Fitzgerald, and the clerk would ask what year (true story).  Most recently, I wandered in and did not find Parker’s Heritage or Old Fitzgerald, but Five Brothers bourbon.

The bottle pays homage to the Shapiro brothers who started Heaven Hill.  The bottle is a blend of 5 different aged bourbons, ranging from 5 to 9 years.

Make sure you put in the comments any bottles that you would like me to review.

NAME – Five Brothers Bourbon

PROOF – 90

AGE – None on the label, but it says “Straight” and media information indicates a blend of 5-9 years.

COLOR – Tawny (1.4 on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)

NOSE – A very enjoyable blend of burnt caramel; dark chocolate; brown sugar; oak; and a subtle hint of pear.

TASTE – A relatively thin mouthfeel (but it is 90 proof).  Kraft caramel squares provide a very sweet start up front, then into a charred oak with a light cinnamon in the middle. A solid tasting bourbon.

FINISH – This is a shorter finish.  The caramel reappears along with the charred oak continuing through.

REVIEW – This is a good 90 proof Heaven Hill bourbon.  The problem, again, is the price point.  This is a $60 bottle. In Ohio, I can get Evan Williams BIB for $19; Elijah Craig (94 proof) for $34; Elijah Craig Toasted (94 proof) for $55.  Even Evan Williams Master Blend (90 proof) is available at the Evan Williams Experience for $60; and it has a whiff of their 23-year product in it.  All of these, to me, are the same or better than Five Brothers.

FINAL COMMENTS – This, to me, is more evidence that the market is oversaturated and if the bubble hasn’t already burst, it’s coming soon.  The price and proof point vis-à-vis their own products is a head scratcher.  But I presume it is the process of putting another product out there and hoping that folks like me will chase them.

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  1. Charles G Skinner
    Charles G Skinner says:

    Great Review COWS ! Never had this one, but your overall comment about the market I feel is well founded….much like the NASDAQ in April of 2000 !

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