Echo Spirits Bavarian Rhapsody Review

Sunday Evening Review


One of the reasons that craft distilleries have become so popular is their willingness to experiment. Echo Spirits is no different as they have jumped outside of the box for the upcoming limited release Bavarian Rhapsody Whiskey. Now like with any experiment it can change the world or set your house on fire. Let’s see where this one lands.


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NAME – Echo Spirits Bavarian Rhapsody Whiskey – Copper Label Series


PROOF – 110


AGE – no age statement (found out that it was 18 months in a 30 gallon barrel)


COLOR – Chardonnay gold (1.1, Burnished on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)


NOSE – Whoppers malted milk balls, banana chips, pale ale, cream of wheat, whisper of lemon peel


TASTE – Cooked mash, white raisins, Whoppers malted milk balls, herbal, hefeweizen and a little banana pudding


FINISH – I would call this a long finish. A white wine note just keeps hanging around for a really long time.


REVIEW – I will tell you this is a whiskey that is not anywhere close to anything traditional. You can’t make a judgement of this off the first sip (you shouldn’t do that ever by the way). I think it has some scotch type characteristics that makes it a good grab for scotch lovers. This takes some time to appreciate due to the uniqueness of this bottle. I will also say that it doesn’t drink anywhere close to 110 proof. I would have guessed closer to 90 other than the extremely long finish is from a higher proof.


FINAL COMMENTS – Want to thank Echo Spirits for giving me this to review. This is a very limited and once only bottle as this can’t ever be recreated in any fashion. First, there is only 70 bottles. The other part is they don’t have the recipe to recreate it. Echo Spirits  know that it contained Bavarian wheat malt, chocolate malt, and pale malt from North High Brewing, but they don’t know what else it had or in what proportions. When North High Brewing closed down their brew-on-premise setup, they offered Echo Spirits the leftovers to turn into hand sanitizer, but it wound up tasting great coming off the still, so they put it in a barrel instead. The barrel had already aged rye whiskey for 2 years before they reused it for this expression. That is why they call it a whiskey distilled from malt mash instead of malt whiskey because the name malt whiskey requires a new barrel but everything else is the same.


Joe Bidinger, founder and distiller at Echo Spirits stated, “We desperately wish we had more. Personally, this might be my favorite thing we’ve made, both because it’s unique and because I like it quite a bit.”


This comes out this Friday, March 25th at 4pm. This shouldn’t last long as you won’t ever find a more unique and limited bottle for $35. Yes, I said $35 for a one-of-a-kind craft distilled bottle. You will need to go to Echo Spirits to get your bottle so go ahead and put this in your calendar for a Friday appointment.


To find out more check it out here – Echo Spirits

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