When the pick team trekked down to Loretto for the most recent Maker’s pick – the objective was to take COWS’ prior pick (“COWS Did It On The Lakeside”) and make it better. And we think mission accomplished.

We did not pick by the lakeside; and they would not let us in the champaign room; but the accommodations were top notch, and our own LaNessa Jones provided great insight and helped guide us through the process.

NAME – Maker’s Mark Private Selection: No COWS in the Champaign Room

PROOF – 109.7

AGE – Non-age stated, but Maker’s Mark Cask Strength is ~6 years, then for the Private Selection, the staves are added and the bourbon rests in the barrel another 9 weeks in a temperature-controlled limestone cellar.

Stave Profile – 2 [Baked American Puree]; 3 [Seared French Cuvee]; 1 [Maker’s Mark 46]; 2 [Roasted French Mendiant]; 2 [Toasted French Spice]

COLOR – Auburn, polished mahogany (1.5 on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart)

NOSE – A nice dry cocoa drizzled with caramel sauce along with a worn leather note and hints of cherry.

TASTE – The chocolate and caramel notes hit right up front for a sweet start. It then drifts into a worn leather note but pulls fruit notes with it such as orange peel, cherry, and dried figs. The mouthfeel has a great viscosity to it.

FINISH – This is a longer finish as the leather mingles with the chocolate and fruit notes and a tobacco note emerges as well. This is really where the team built on its prior Maker’s pick – building a longer finish.

REVIEW – It’s been a hot second since COWS released a barrel pick – and this one is worth the wait. This bottle hits on all cylinders – great nose, great taste, great mouthfeel, great finish. Enjoy!


Bottle reservations will start on Friday, October 20 at 9am.  Get’em while you can.