4 Different Good Times Bourbon Expressions Reviewed

This is going to be a little bit of an off-profile type review this week as I get to explore some Good Times Bourbon thanks to the samples provided by Alex Cinovoj. This is going to be an adventure for me as I have never had or know much about Good Times Bourbon, but I sure hope they are DYNOMITE!


Make sure you put in the comments any bottles that you would like me to review.


I will be reviewing 4 different expressions from Good Times. They are:


NAME – Murder Hornet Peach


PROOF – 120


AGE – 6 year rye and then finished in peach brandy barrels


COLOR – 1.2 cheastnutplorsoso sherry on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart


NOSE – Brown sugar with canned peach syrup. Also, a floral note along with a light honey


TASTE – Not a shock that it is canned peaches in syrup right at the start. A little bit of that grassy note letting you know it is a rye.


FINISH – I would call this a medium finish. The peach doesn’t stay in the finish, and you are just left with the grassy note.


NAME – High Honey Corn


PROOF – 118


AGE – 8.5 year MGP High Corn mashbill finished in honey barrels


COLOR – 1.4 tawny on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart


NOSE – Roasted sweet corn on the cob, vanilla, honey, sweet tobacco


TASTE – Honey is subdued on the nose but not the palate. Big blast of wildflower honey in the front. After the initial blast vanilla, corn pudding and toasted oak. This is viscus and a creamy mouth feel.


FINISH – I would call this a medium to long finish. The vanilla and toasted oak linger until the end.




PROOF – 114


AGE – 5.5 year MGP 45% wheat mash bill finished in Tawny Port wine barrels


COLOR – 1.3 russetmuscat on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart


NOSE – Butterscotch, milk chocolate, vanilla, toasted oak


TASTE – Butterscotch, bitter dark chocolate, vanilla, almond, age toasted oak


FINISH – I would call this a long finish. Do not get any of the grape notes of the tawny port barrels until the end. Aged oak is also there at the end.


NAME – The Rat Pack


PROOF – 120


AGE – 5 Year MGP 51% rye finished in Grand Marnier cask with Luxardo cherries


COLOR – 1.6 mahogany, henna notes on the Whiskey Magazine Color Chart


NOSE – Milk chocolate candy with the orange flavored center, toasted oak, peanut, tart cherry, a dash of cocoa


TASTE – Some caramel, milk chocolate, oak, slight orange. Really need to dig to find any cherry.


FINISH – I would call this a long finish. The bitter chocolate and tobacco



REVIEW –The best of the bunch was by far is Homer WINO. The other three are playful expressions that I would put in the “dessert whiskey” category. Sweet and pleasant but not much attention to balance. Liked the proof points on all. Homer WINO is a legit finished whiskey. There is balance and complexity. I’m also impressed that they didn’t feel it had to be a tawny wine bomb to be good.


FINAL COMMENTS – Again thanks to Alex Cinovoj for these samples. I really compare this to the craft beer scene. Everyone is in the space trying to stick out from the crowd in a very very crowded craft beer scene. Bourbon is also getting crowded and some of the same things I have seen with craft beer is now coming into bourbon. Not all is bad but not all is good either. It is also all to personal taste. You ate a barbeque dinner, and you are settling around a fire for the night, nothing wrong with the Murder Hornet Peach to just chill with. None of these are going to win any prestigious awards or be respected by bourbon aficionados but that is okay. You may try one and say, “This is DYNOMITE!”

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